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A Note from Carol and David

    We've received a lot of e-mail from our visitors and we really appreciate it. Many people have written to say that they are going to tell their vet about our Web site and place a notice on the vet's bulletin board. We consider this high praise indeed. If you know of a bulletin board that you feel should be graced with an announcement of the Feline CRF Information Center's URL, we have created one that you can print. Just click on 'Announcement' above and print the page that comes up.

    Many of you have written in with information that we think should be made available to others with CRF cats. We are going to include excerpts from some of the e-mail we've received in this section of the Web site. We hope you will find valuable information which you can discuss with your veterinarian. We also feel that it helps to see that you are not alone and others have been and still are struggling to maintain a high quality of life for their CRF cats. Please check back often as we will be adding more letters from time to time.

    The disclaimer located at the Reception Desk, of course, applies here. ALWAYS consult with your vet before you try something new.

    The opinions expressed in the Caregiver Feedback pages are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Feline CRF Information Center.

    Thanks for visiting,
    Carol and David

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