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Guide to the Feline CRF Information Center

The information in this site is divided into several sections. Which section you read first and the order in which you read them is dependent on your own needs.

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The Reception Desk

The 'front door' to the Feline CRF Web site. It contains disclaimers and some information about the site. If you link to the site or want to pass the URL on to someone else, please use this URL : http://www.felinecrf.com 08/12/17
A brief overview for the new feline CRF caregiver. 08/08/17

What is CRF?

This section contains a brief description of CRF and an overview of diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. 08/08/17

Tests and Diagnostics

A description of commonly used diagnostic procedures and brief explanations of the information obtained through these tests. 08/08/17

Management of CRF

What you can do to help your cat. This section is divided into seven subsections:


Working With Your Veterinarian 08/08/17
Subcutaneous Fluid Therapy (including a step-by-step guide to administering fluid therapy ) 08/08/17
Intravenous Fluids 08/08/17
Dietary Management 08/08/17
Dialysis 08/08/17
Keeping Records 08/08/17
General 08/08/17

Problems Related to CRF

As CRF progresses, other medical problems may develop as a result. This section contains a list of some common problems that arise, directly or indirectly, from CRF. 08/08/17


A list of symptoms and conditions and the drugs used to treat them. 08/08/17

Kidney Transplant

An overview of the surgical procedure and its risks and rewards. This section is divided into six subsections:


A Brief History of Feline Kidney Transplants

Feline Kidney Transplant Facilities 08/08/17
The Transplant Procedure 08/08/17
The Kidney Recipient 08/08/17
The Kidney Donor 08/08/17
The Caregivers 08/08/17

The Emotional Roller Coaster

The effects of caring for a CRF cat on you, the caregiver. 08/08/17
Memorials to beloved CRF cats. 08/08/17


Tributes to fondly remembered cats and testimonials to the bravery of those who continue the fight. Photographs, biographies, poems and stories submitted by those who wish to honor their special cats 08/08/17

Caregiver Feedback

Some of the many letters we have received from visitors. Some are helpful, many are hopeful, all are worth reading 08/08/17
Some of the many letters we have received from veterinarians. 08/08/17

Information on several ways to communicate with the Feline CRF Information Center

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Links to Other Feline Sites

An extensive and comprehensive list of Web site resources on CRF, pet loss, veterinary advice and feline diseases 08/08/17
Here's a notice to place on your vet's bulletin board to notify people of the existence of this Web site 08/08/17


Complimentary press and site awards 08/08/17
The site staff 08/08/17
If you're having problems printing the content of the site, check here for possible solutions 08/08/17