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August 19, 2012

thank you for your great web site

it has helped many of our clients understand what is happening to their precious aging cats

we appreciate you

Colleen Murray, DVM
Katy Trail Animal Hospital

February 28, 2009

Thank you for providing a caring and informative website. I would like to update you on new renal transplant services now available at our hospital in Northern California- PetCare Veterinary Hospital (pcvh.com). Dr. Clare Gregory has joined us from UCDavis and is continuing his renal transplant services at our facility.

PetCare Veterinary Hospital is a 24hour specialty/emergency/general practice in Santa Rosa, California. In addition to Dr Gregory our team includes an experienced surgical service, internal medicine and critical care specialists.

Thank you,
Nicholas Davainis, D.V.M.
PetCare Veterinary Hospital
1370 Fulton Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

July 24, 2008

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the hard work and care you have put into this website. I am currently a vet tech student and this information has been very helpful to me. I am working at a small hospital here in Va and I am teaching a class next month on Chronic Renal Failure to my co-workers. The information here is presented in a way that I can understand (I have 4+ yrs experience in the field), but so will my co-workers (most of which have less than 9 months in the field!) I have seen the end results of CRF and it is never pretty. I am so sorry you had to go through that with Avatar - btw he is a beautiful cat! Thank you for everything you have done!


April 6, 2008

Dear Carol and David,

I am a UK feline veterinary specialist who has long recommended your
excellent website to vets, nurses and cat owners in the UK. I have recently
set up my own website (http://www.catprofessional.com/) and have also
written a book about how to care for a cat with kidney problems (available
through my website). Your website is in the suggested links page of my site
and also contained in the kidney failure book.

I am hoping that you might be willing to include my website on your links
page and mention my book in your bookstore (or some other suitable place?).
The book has been reviewed by owners of cats with CRF who have found it very
helpful - I am hoping that it will help to bridge the gap between vets and
owners and support owners in providing the very best of care to their cats.
You can read more about the book (including reviews) on

Many thanks and best wishes,
Sarah Caney

Sarah M. A. Caney BVSc PhD DSAM(Feline) MRCVS
RCVS Specialist in Feline Medicine
Managing Director
Cat Professional
E-mail: info@catprofessional.com
Information and advice for cat owners & cat professionals

August 19, 2007

Hi Carol and David,

It is a pleasure to be able to reference a site such as www.felinecrf.com. The website has thorough and up-to-date information for caregivers. Most importantly, you offer cat caretakers support. As with all feline diseases, but especially CRF, I believe that the role the caretaker plays is the most important factor in maintaining quality of life and improving longevity of the patient. As you know, at-home care for CRF can make a world of difference in the cat's life. Websites such as yours demonstrate how to give that all-important care, and provide proof that at-home care works.

Thank you again for allowing the AAFP to reference your website. Please continue your important work for the kitties, and let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

Amy Lynn, DVM

August 11, 2007

The American Association of Feline Practitioners is an organization whose members are veterinary professionals dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of cats. Our new association website, http://CatVets.com features a Cat Health Topics area offering guidance to visitors seeking on-line resources for feline focused information.

The format for these topics pages is that of a “guided web-search”. They provide a brief overview of the topic with review and links to well presented, reliable information relevant to the topic. With your permission, we would like to include a link to your webpage http://www.felinecrf.com/ on the Topic Page entitled Feline Chronic Renal Disease.

Amy Lynn, DVM

April 10, 2007

Dear Carol,

Thank you for all you have done in providing leading-edge information for cat owners and veterinary teams regarding feline kidney disease.

As you are probably aware, more is being done at academic levels regarding staging what is now termed "CKD" -chronic kidney disease-in order to tailor therapies for each individual patient, and to help provide more accurate prognoses to owners.

As a veterinarian, I truly appreciate the resource you and your husband have continued to provide, and your commitment to those creatures we love.

Again, thank you.

Jane E. Brunt, DVM
Cat Hospital At Towson
Baltimore, MD 21212

March 26, 2007
Hi! My name is Cheryl Roge and I am a small animal veterinarian with a special interest in senior pet wellness and chronic disease management. I was just emailed your website by a friend - this is amazing - thank you, thank you for what you do!! My 20 year old FIV + DSH is in his 5th year of renal disease and doing well.

I will refer everyone with a cat to your informative site - after all, if they're fortunate enough they will become seniors! You are saving lives by the hundreds and improving life (most importantly). God Bless ~ Cheryl

You have created a very impressive and extensive website on Feline CRF - great job.


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